Comprehensive Trauma Life Support

CTLS Course is an initiative of ITACCS India, supported by ITACCS International based on WHO & ITACCS Guidelines, which commenced in 1991. While much can be done to prevent trauma through speed restriction, crash helmets, alcohol, seatbelt & child restraints, there will always be a need for a rapid, effective trauma assessment & management. Many patients can be saved or disability reduced if the definitive care initiation time can be minimized. This requires a trauma systems approach, which integrates all aspects of trauma care to achieve the best outcome.

  • CTLS - Comprehensive Trauma Life Support

  • ITACCS - International Trauma Anaesthesia and Critical Care Society

  • WHO - World Health Organisation

The Course will emphasize on:

  • Sequence of assessment & management

  • Team roles & preparation

  • Primary survey

  • Simultaneous resuscitation & reevaluation

  • CTLS Secondary survey

  • Planning & definitive care management

  • Ongoing support to optimize outcome

  • Tertiary survey

The CTLS Educational Format provides:

  • Pre-course materials (A must read)

  • A 2 day course that features:

    • A multi disciplinary approach

    • Case audit interactive presentations

    • Group Discussions

    • Interactive Hands On Skill Stations

    • An in course MCQ.