Capacity Augmentation

More than 3000 professionals were trained, and more than 30 institutes regularly utilize these programs to train their students.

Trauma Care International considered capacity augmentation as an initial measure and skill upgradation training as an integral part of continuing trauma care improvement. Keeping this in mind, it planned to develop a training division that is self-sustainable and scalable. In 2011, The goal was to develop a training program teaching the first 30-minute emergency stabilization skills and train at least 1500 interns in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad in 2011. Over 3000 interns graduate from medical and dental colleges in and around Hyderabad every year. The goal was to train at least 1500 to create a critical number of trained interns. The project included the development of training programs, training materials, a process for verifying certificates, and a platform for continued interaction. He successfully developed and helped implement this platform. The program is active and has become self-sustainable.